Socio-economic and Gender Research Directorate


To generate information that improves the internal and external efficiency of the research system, impact of agricultural technology and adoption through promoting improved researchers capacity in the institute. Integration of social dimension in agricultural technology generation and transfer.

Description: *Generate socio-economics and gender related information used for research planning, policy decisions and for improving the efficiency of research institute system.

Description: *To facilitate linkage and information sharing among various stakeholders that have contribution to the development of the agricultural sector of the region.


  • To characterize and understand pastoral and agro-pastoral livelihood systems; identify, quantify and prioritize biophysical, socio-economic and policy constraints limiting the production and productivity of livestock, crops, forestry, and other natural resources
  • To identify the potential and opportunities to mitigate agricultural production constraints in the region.
  • To assess the socio-economics of natural resource management, conservation, utilization and identify institutional and policy issues influencing access and maintenance of common property resources (rangeland, water, woodland etc) in the region with special emphasis to pastoral and agro-pastoral production systems.
  • To assess the marketing system of agricultural products and inputs in the region with special emphasis to the marketing of livestock and livestock products.
  • To assess the effect of agricultural and related policies on technology development and transfer in the region.

Role and responsibilities

  • Adoption and Impact study
    • Farming system dynamics
    • Production economics
    • Value chain analysis
    • Agro-ecology based socioeconomic studies
    • Gender research program on its part focuses on analysis of gender roles pastoral and agro-pastoral communities
    • Social research and indigenous knowledge of pastoral and agro pastoral communities
    • Creating work relationship, partnerships starting with the department, other departments, centers and sub centers.