Finance and procurement directorate

Mission of the Directorate
Ensuring appropriate utilization of the financial resource that are obtained Both from the
government and external partner budget to managing resource, efficient, effective, and
accountable finance, transparency and accountability in the procurement process by adhering to
the government policy and procedure and property administration and controlling.
Objective of the Directorate
The objective of Finance and Procurement Directorate, in addition to ensuring appropriate
utilization of financial resources that are obtained both from government & development partners
is ascertaining that the monetary income and expenditures of the Institute is undertaken in line
with the financial laws and directives of the country as well as in compliance with the
requirements of the Institute partners.
The directorate is also required to ensure that the grant fund is used for intended purpose in the
time specified and reported is issued timely.
It is also the objective of the directorate to facilitate the Transferring and the centres and sub.
Centres allocated Budget, and supply of goods and services to achieve the institute goals and

Duties of the Directorate
Finance is all about the activities involved in request, release, utilization ad reporting of all the
financial sources of an organization up on sated rule and regulation. Were as, procurement is all
the purchases of goods and services made with the budget allocated for an organization that
could either used up with in one year (Supplies) or that have a useful economic life of more than
one year.

Finance, Procurement and property Administration Cases Duties
 Authorization and approval of the budget/payments
 Collection of Cash /recording of incoming money for the project
 Approval and payment of purchase and travel advance
 Settlements of advances account clearance
Logistic & Property Case
Team Coordinator
Finance Case Team
Procurement Case Team
 Purchase of good and services from the fund accounts
 Reporting on the status of account to fund providers
 Collection of the revenue from different sources
 Vehicle maintenance and insurance
 Property registration, counting, transfer and disposal
 Storing, guarding and cleaning services
 Laboratory, office materials, water, electricity, building, polishers, threshers and
other maintenance
 Registration of donated materials and equipments
 Controlling the institute Budget on the Rules and regulation of the government and
 Processing and Performs all payment
 Providing Monthly Financial Performance Report and submitted to the concerned.
 Providing the service of the Beautification, Decoration and compound Security