ICT and knowledge management directorate


  • To cost effectively enhance the quality of research and administration through the integrated ICT innovations and more understand of E-agriculture.
  • To facilitate regional-leading research, and enhance the digital experience, through provision of sustainable and reliable digital solutions.

The Main Objectives of the ICT Directorate

  • To establish one main research data center
    • To establish strong and secure network infrastructure
    • To automate all activities of the technical and support departments
    • To enhance already established website of the institute
    • To establish smart agriculture using sensors and other Information communication technology tools
    • To enhance capacity and understand of information communication technology of the researchers and other support staffs
    • To enhance information and productive of regional pastoral and agro-pastoral Somali society
    • To create paperless society in SoRPARI
    • To create help desk to response the need of the staff about communication
    • To make sure that all computers, network and communication devices are working properly

The Main Role of Information communication technology and knowledge management

  • Planning, implementation and development of ICT infrastructure accordingly
    • Fully support the researchers while they are doing their task
    • To plan and assist all strategies about how to apply and adopt communication technologies
    • To manage operations and maintenance of ICT resources.
    • To manage databases of information systems.
    • To train end-users on computer literacy and offer end-user computing support.
    • To offer technical advice and consultancy on acquisition of ICT resources.
  • To work with SoRPARI stakeholders and governmental and non-governmental organizations.
    • Developing or customizing new applications
    • To establish better environment of communication among the researchers and other staff