Agri. Mechanization Research directorate


To see majority of farmers in Somali Region using modern agricultural engineering technologies


Improve production and productivity of agricultural sector on sustainable bases through generating, adapting and disseminating compatible agricultural engineering technologies for target customers


Enhancing agricultural production and productivity through generating effective agricultural engineering technologies by increasing labor productivity, decreasing post-harvest loses.


To generate, adapt and transfer improved and appropriate Agricultural Engineering technologies/information for needy customers and stakeholders according to diversified agro-ecologies and farming system

Major Research achievements in agricultural-Mechanization

Since the beginning of the2011.E.C different agricultural mechanization research  technologies were developed, improved, adapted and disseminated under the  pre-harvest, harvest and post-harvest.

And product processing technology programs Accordingly, the Research Directorate has generated/adapted 25 technologies/ information. The categories of generated technologies/information were 15 under Pre-harvest and 7 under harvest and Post-harvest technologies. And other remaining were post product processing programs