Crop Res. Director


The vision is to see increased crop production and productivity in Somali region and improved livelihood of farmers and agropastoralist engaged in crop production which will be realized through the application of technically effective, socially acceptable, economical and environmentally friendly crop technologies delivered by SoRPARI


To generate, adapt and promote demand driven, climate resilient and resource efficient crop technologies and information to enhance the region crop production and productivity, with respect to the releasing of improved varieties, technology, knowledge and information that is usable in the region to ensure food self-sufficiency, food-security and income development in SRS and enhance foreign currency earnings in sustainable manner.


To enhance the region, crop production and productivity and polarize these in order to contribute for food security, enhance income of all actors of the value chain and foreign exchange earnings through efficient development of demand driven and climate-smart crop technologies

Community seed multiplication of rice by ‘Midnimo’, a cooperative at Kelafo cooperative, established during the institute’s formative years

Display of different food-recipe prepared from the rice produced

Groundnut at Fafan

Kubsa wheat heading stage at seed multiplication, at Lafa Ise Research site

Lafa Ise maturity stage

one of the released rice varieties at seed setting

On-station upland rice experimental plots at Gode research center

OPV Maize at Fafan

Parboiled rice produced by farmers ready for marketing

sesame seed multiplication, at qelafo Research site

Sorghum at maturity stage at Lafa Ise(left side) and Harre (right side)

wheat at vegetative stage at seed multiplication, at dollo-ado Research site 2021

wheat vegetative stage at seed multiplication, at dollo-ado Research site 2021